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In 2024, a new chapter unfolds for Maíra. Known for her delicate voice and introspective lyrics, she decides to "go band" (as opposed to going solo) after the success of her EPs Identity (2018) and Alecrim (2020) and performances in Switzerland and Brazil. She studied music at the HKB where she formed the band MAÍRA with Simon Guyer and _pron0ia_. Over three years, they refined their sound, culminating in the recent single “Zuckerwattenäbelschwade,” which pays homage to their Swiss roots while embracing a global perspective (Art Pop, Avant-Pop). Produced by _pron0ia_, the track pushes pop's sonic boundaries, drawing inspiration from artists like Caroline Polachek and Jockstrap. Maíra's lyrical prowess, akin to Phoebe Bridgers, invites listeners into a world of vulnerability and authenticity.

Maíra: Vocals
_pron0ia_: Guitar, Production
Simon Guyer: Drums




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